Origin Story: Owned and founded by Roger Bortz, Your Dog Trainer has been a full service kennel for over 30 years. We offer boarding, training and basic grooming to Orange County’s finest. Our facility has a knowledgeable staff member on site 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Our Facility:  Part of historical Santa Ana, Your Dog Trainer’s office is inside a picturesque red barn. Our back kennel is modest but safe, with around 40 runs, a crate room where dogs can sleep inside at night if preferred and an exercise area. We also offer walled runs for any dog aggressive guests to keep them calm during their stay. Our highest priority is taking care of the dogs, seeing to their needs, all while keeping them safe, happy and healthy.

About Roger:Roger Bortz has been training for over 40 years. His training philosophy works on understanding a dog’s psyche and teaching his clients to be consistent leaders.

Training Philosophy:Pack Leader - with respect. We believe that consistency is key for training your dog, which is why much of the training is actually working with owners to teach them and help them understand how to work and live harmoniously with their dog.