Dogs get stinky! It’s just the way it is. But the good news is, we do amazing baths here at YDT. You aren’t in the business for 40+ years without learning a trick or two.

We offer baths a la carte as well as an add on while your dog is boarding. (10 day of boarding gets you a FREE bath)

What’s Included in a Bath:

Our baths include a wash, ear cleaning, anal gland cleaning, nail trim and 10 minute coat work/brush-out.

Grooming Details + Policies

As a rule, we will not bathe a dog that requires de-matting. Bathing a dog with mats and tangles can severely aggravate the skin and make the situation far worse. However, the first 10 mins of coat work is free. Additional de-matting, removing dead undercoat, etc. is $50/hr.

Clients who are not interested in paying charges necessary to get their dog completely tangle-free can instead receive 15 minutes free coat work plus nail trim. The dog will not receive the bath as we only bath tangle-free dogs.


Bath quote to be determined upon drop off. Because the condition, size & treatment of each dog will vary an estimate will be made over the phone or upon drop off for final bath price.

To get an idea of what to expect, here are some breed pricing for reference:

German Shepherd - $60

Golden Retriever - $60

Beagle - $40

Pit Bull - $45

Bernese Mountain Dog - $150

Husky - $80

Westie/Yorkie - $40

Labradoodle - $50

Bathing Add Ons:

De-matting, removing dead undercoat, etc. - $50/hr

Flea Dip - $15 with bath

Condition Treatment - $10-$15 with bath

Nail Trim - $15

Call us for an estimate! Tel:1-714-547-5047