Monday February 6, 2022 (6:30 PM) & Thursday February 9, 2022 (7:00 PM) we start our next Group Class sessions! 10 spots available for each time slot.

Please Call Tel:1-714-547-5047 to secure your spot!

To note, our COVID Policy for Group Classes: Owners must be fully vaccinated with proof.

Who is it for: Group training is mainly for dogs and puppies with no overt behavior problems.

It is important to realize that group training teaches you the basic mechanics. It does not solve behavior problems (digging, chewing, barking, jumping, play biting, house manners, housebreaking, aggression etc.). You may need in-home training for such problems.

In-home training teaches you how to apply basic obedience to your home situation to solve specific behavior problems and functional use of commands in day to day life.

What do you learn: In a group setting (maximum 10 people/dogs), this type of training teaches you and your dog the mechanics of obedience: sit/stay, down/stay, down at a distance, return to sit, heel on a slack leash with automatic sit, come command (recall with heel finish) and “Swing”, which is a return to your side.

Pricing: $200 for 1 Session (1 Session = 8 Classes)

To Note: Each of these lessons build upon each other. It is important to be at every class in order to not fall behind. Additionally, you may repeat the next class session immediately following yours 1x at no cost if spots are available.


Payment is required at the first class.

What to bring:

When you arrive, please have your dog on leash with choke collar. Check in with our front desk and provide: your dog’s up to date shot records, your proof of vaccination against COVID and your form of payment.

Dog Vaccination Requirements:

Bordetella: Given within the last 6 months

DHLPP: Given within the last year

Rabies: Given within the last 3 years for the following vaccination

Rabies For Puppies: Given within the last year for the first rabies vaccination

Classes will take place at our facility: 1451 E. McFadden Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705.

We have a small parking lot, in an effort to keep things easy and hassle free, please park on Linwood and walk in. (Linwood is the street right after the Kennel on your right towards Grand Ave., if you’ve reached Grand, you’ve gone too far.)

Any more questions? Give us a call: Tel:1-714-547-5047