Group training is mainly for dogs and puppies with no behavior problems. This type of training teaches you and your dog the mechanics of obedience:
sit/stay, down/stay, stand/stay, down at a distance, return to sit, heel on a slack leash with automatic sit, come command (recall with heel finish and military finish)

It is important to realize that group training teaches you mechanics. It does NOT solve behavior problems (digging, chewing, barking, jumping, play biting, house manners, housebreaking, aggression etc.). You need in-home training for such problems. In-home training teaches you how to apply basic obedience to your home situation to solve behavior problems.

Group Class #1 is free to our clients. After Class #1 if you would like to continue, and your dog is not overly aggressive and you are able to exercise reasonable control over him, a payment of $200 is due on Class #2 and is good for all basic obedience group classes for 1 full year.
Shot records MUST be provided at Class #1.
Group classes meet Saturday mornings at 8:00am, Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm and our small breed & puppy class meets at 7:00pm Tuesdays. Please call the office to verify class dates and for more details!

Group Training Calendar

In this type of program you are involved with the training right from the start. A trainer comes to your house every week and teaches you how to teach your dog. In-home training covers behavior problems such as chewing, digging, barking, jumping on people, mouthing and play biting, car manners, house manners, housebreaking, boundary training plus you learn the basic obedience training and how to apply it to your house situation.

Your trainer will give you printed homework sheets, and you need to practice with your dog approximately 30 minutes per day to be successful. Number of lessons vary – a FREE training evaluation makes it easier for us to give you an estimate. Most programs are 8-12 lessons. Dogs with aggressive behavior will need approximately 12-16 lessons. Please contact the office for more information!


If you prefer a trainer to do all the repetitions involved in teaching a dog basic obedience, this training is for you.
Your dog (or puppy) stays with us here at the kennel for three weeks. During this time the dog will learn all the basic obedience commands: sit/stay, down/stay, stand/stay, down in the distance, return to sit, heel on a slack leash with automatic sit, come command (recall with heel finish and military finish) and the principles of boundary training.

The three weeks at our kennel teaches your dog all the mechanics of obedience. This part of the training does not include solving any behavior problems.

Full board training only works effectively when the owner is trained as well as the dog. Owner education starts around the 10th day with a lesson at our kennel. You can see your dog’s progress, get some hands on experience controlling your dog, and give your dog your “pent-up TLC”. Your 2nd lesson will be set up at that time for your to continue your learning experience before your dog’s arrival home. The remaining 3 lessons, including drop-off, will be to establish house manner guidelines. These lessons are essential for you to learn to handle your dog. Behavior modification such as chewing, digging, barking, jumping, play-biting, boundry training, house manners, housebreaking, car manners and more will also be addressed during these lessons.

The third part of the “In Kennel” training program is group obedience/socialization classes. These classes are available to you for an entire year. The classes provide you with lots of distractions – an excellent place to fine-tune your dog and condition him/her to give you their full attention with other dogs and people around.

A FREE consultation / training evaluation is required before training starts. Please contact us to find out more information or to schedule an appointment!

Full Training and Boarding with In-Home Follow Up Instruction Lessons

In-kennel obedience training with 5 lessons: 2 lessons at kennel, 3 lessons in-home, plus 1 year group membership.  $1300.00 + any boarding fee.

In-Home Training

Per Lesson $175.00
4 Lessons Package (Pre-Paid, Save $50) $650.00
4 Sessions working with dog only (Pre-Paid) $325.00

Most programs are 8 lessons. Dogs with aggressive behavior may need more lessons.

Pre-pay for a minimum of 8 in-home lessons, and a one year group membership is included.

Private Training at Kennel

Per Lesson $150.00
4 Lessons $550.00

Boot Camp (In Kennel Board & Train)

25 Day In Kennel Training - $1300.00 plus boarding fee (based on size of dog, paid at time of drop-off)

Includes: 2 - Private Lessons at Your Dog Trainer.

When in kennel training is complete, dog is delivered to your home with #3 guideline lesson, #4 and  #5 in-home lessons and 1 year of group class membership.

Group Instruction

One Year Membership $200.00

Advanced Instruction is Available... Please Call for Prices

AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification

Group Test  $25.00

Individual Test  $45.00

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